Conceptual Challenge

I created a conceptual photograph based on random three-word assignment. The words I had were these: Grass, Preserve, and Limitless. I chose to use the second sketch, depicting a pacifier being given to a grass. The sun represents how it longs to be free and limitless, although it needs to be preserved. In the end, I switched the pacifier for the sun, for which I used a desk lamp, and a piece of construction paper for the sky. I changed the color of the water bottle and did a number of other edits including and unsharp mask. I’m very happy with how it turned out!



Finished Picture:

Let me know what y’all think!



Fine Art Print

This week, I worked on a print for a fine art photograph. I took this one of a sock, with my Canon Rebel T3i sporting a macro lens, standing on top of my desk in my apartment. The concept for this one was that of getting home in the late afternoon after a long day at the beach. The subject found a couple beach treasures on their journey and has removed their wet, sandy socks. I edited it in Photoshop, using the Nik Collection filters, sharpening mask, and a little added gaussian blur.

Here’s what the original looked like, before any edits:

Here’s a video explaining a little what went into the picture:


Let me know how you guys think it turned out!



Photobook Layout

This week, I began to create a layout for a photo book, showcasing my recent work. I worked on it in Adobe InDesign, using multiple pages to create spreads to later print out. I went for a very minimalist design to set myself apart a bit. Let me know what you think!

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Table of content:

Professional Page:

Let me know what you all think!



Bannack Best

These pictures were all taken on a group excursion to an old ghost town called Bannack. These were shot on my Canon t3i with a wide angle lens and varying light situations. Check them out and let me know what you think!



Window Light


Einstein Light


Speed LightGabeAlexander-portrait-4

Hard Light


Einstein Light

Fine Art:

GabeAlexander-fine-art-5 GabeAlexander-fine-art-4b GabeAlexander-fine-art-2b GabeAlexander-fine-art-3 GabeAlexander-fine-art-1



thumb-2 thumb-1







Let me know what you guys think!



Close Up & Personal


Dry Photography:


This is a light green leaf on my little tree, contrasting the darker green leaves in the background.


These are three grains of Himalayan salt on top of Jasmine rice on a blue background.

Wet Photography:


These are water drops on the same tree as earlier, showing a bit of the room in their reflection.


I sprayed water on some ham and placed it on a blue background, as well. Instead of forming drops, the ham interestingly turned the water into little bubbles.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what I could do better or what you liked!

-Gabe Alexander




The sun lit the right side of her face very brightly, so we used a gold reflector on the left side to even her face out and cover the shadows.



I used one gold reflector to lighten the shadows from the overhead lights. The gold provides a comfortable, warm skin tone.


Key and Fill Light

I used a speed-light as the key and we used a silver reflector to fill in the spaces on the left side. The background, because of the speed light stayed dark for some great raw contrast.


portrait-3 potriat-3-non

Silver – With and Without

These photos are both taken with the same settings, one with a silver reflector, and the next without.

I hope you enjoy my submission! Please let me know what you think!


Perspective of 12


For my project, I decided to photograph eggs. I cracked them and laid them on construction paper for a minimalist approach. I then scrapped the minimalist approach and added complexity to a minimalist design, to make it unique. I used my Canon t3i with a macro lens, a desk lamp, and things I had around the house to make this project a reality. The texture used in the background is an image of the paper:


A few selected images from the project:



I hope you enjoy my idea! Please let me know what you guys think!


Depth: Deep and Shallow

Deep Focus:


Parking lot getting colder: ISO 400, f/22, 1/100 s 18mm

As its name implies, I colored this photo in Photoshop to illustrate how it feels as you leave your vehicle and walk towards the buildings. You start off warm and gradually get colder as you go. I took this with my Canon t3i on top of my car.


Star tours: ISO 400, f/15, 1/60 23mm

I thought this window scene reminded me of the monitors you see on the Star Wars ride at Disneyland. I did almost no editing on this picture aside from some brightening and a little fun with the lights.

Shallow Focus: 


Sandy socks: ISO 300, f/7.3, 1/90 82mm

This photo illustrates the nostalgia of arriving home after an afternoon walk on the beach. The beechwood and stone are souvenirs from your coastal expedition.


Green cookie: ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/500 55mm

As its name implies, this is a green cookie in the snow. I painted it green in photoshop, with a little blue around the edges for extra drama.

I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you guys think!