Stand Alone Presentation


Conceptual Challenge

I created a conceptual photograph based on random three-word assignment. The words I had were these: Grass, Preserve, and Limitless. I chose to use the second sketch, depicting a pacifier being given to a grass. The sun represents how it longs to be free and limitless, although it needs to be preserved. In the end, I switched the pacifier for the sun, for which I used a desk lamp, and a piece of construction paper for the sky. I changed the color of the water bottle and did a number of other edits including and unsharp mask. I’m very happy with how it turned out!



Finished Picture:

Let me know what y’all think!


Fine Art Print

This week, I worked on a print for a fine art photograph. I took this one of a sock, with my Canon Rebel T3i sporting a macro lens, standing on top of my desk in my apartment. The concept for this one was that of getting home in the late afternoon after a long day at the beach. The subject found a couple beach treasures on their journey and has removed their wet, sandy socks. I edited it in Photoshop, using the Nik Collection filters, sharpening mask, and a little added gaussian blur.

Here’s what the original looked like, before any edits:

Here’s a video explaining a little what went into the picture:


Let me know how you guys think it turned out!



Photobook Layout

This week, I began to create a layout for a photo book, showcasing my recent work. I worked on it in Adobe InDesign, using multiple pages to create spreads to later print out. I went for a very minimalist design to set myself apart a bit. Let me know what you think!

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Table of content:

Professional Page:

Let me know what you all think!



Bannack Best

These pictures were all taken on a group excursion to an old ghost town called Bannack. These were shot on my Canon t3i with a wide angle lens and varying light situations. Check them out and let me know what you think!



Window Light


Einstein Light


Speed LightGabeAlexander-portrait-4

Hard Light


Einstein Light

Fine Art:

GabeAlexander-fine-art-5 GabeAlexander-fine-art-4b GabeAlexander-fine-art-2b GabeAlexander-fine-art-3 GabeAlexander-fine-art-1



thumb-2 thumb-1







Let me know what you guys think!



Close Up & Personal


Dry Photography:


This is a light green leaf on my little tree, contrasting the darker green leaves in the background.


These are three grains of Himalayan salt on top of Jasmine rice on a blue background.

Wet Photography:


These are water drops on the same tree as earlier, showing a bit of the room in their reflection.


I sprayed water on some ham and placed it on a blue background, as well. Instead of forming drops, the ham interestingly turned the water into little bubbles.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what I could do better or what you liked!

-Gabe Alexander




The sun lit the right side of her face very brightly, so we used a gold reflector on the left side to even her face out and cover the shadows.



I used one gold reflector to lighten the shadows from the overhead lights. The gold provides a comfortable, warm skin tone.


Key and Fill Light

I used a speed-light as the key and we used a silver reflector to fill in the spaces on the left side. The background, because of the speed light stayed dark for some great raw contrast.


portrait-3 potriat-3-non

Silver – With and Without

These photos are both taken with the same settings, one with a silver reflector, and the next without.

I hope you enjoy my submission! Please let me know what you think!