Motion: Freeze and Blur

Blur: Photos taken with extended shutter speed.


f/14 4sec. ISO 100 21mm


f/22 8sec. ISO 100 49mm

Freeze: Photos taken with super-fast shutter speed.


f/3.5 1/640sec. ISO 1600 18mm


f/3.5 1/200sec. ISO 1600 18mm

These four pictures were taken in low-light situations for a dramatic effect. The vinyl-theme is perfect for showing examples of time (slow and fast) because a record can play at many different speeds. Pictures were taken on tripod with a Canon t3i camera. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts and critiques!



2 thoughts on “Motion: Freeze and Blur

  1. I love that all your photos have such a great theme between them. I especially like the shot of the ghost serenading the girl. How did you get that shot? Did you just have them stay there for a few seconds and then move away super fast? I really like it. Great concept. 🙂


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