Photobook Design

I created a two-page spread for a photobook, displaying some of my photography. The theme I chose for these pages was the beach. Two were taken in Avalon, California, and the others in Santa Barbara, CA. I really do enjoy movement and emotion when it comes to visuals, so I tried to demonstrate what my passion work looks like. I also like to use a lot of color effects on my images to confuse the eyes a little.


Let me know what you think!



4 thoughts on “Photobook Design

  1. These pictures are awesome, for one, and I love the color scheme. It just has a good feel to it. I especially like the half/half edit to the feature picture. It made a really neat aspect to think about with editing. It’s like the girl is moving from one world into another slightly changed one or something. Awesome work.

    One thing I would suggest that can help is to move the left top picture so that it is equally apart from the top as the bottom picture is to the bottom, and if you don’t like the feel, then maybe play with the bottom right picture as well.
    And you could also move enjoy to in between the two trees.


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