About Me


When I was about 15, I chose to be a part of my school’s broadcasting program. Little did I know that move would grab my career plans by the arm and throw them into the Grand Canyon. I focused nearly all my free-time in completing “simple” class assignments, and talked with the teacher about video and equipment whenever he was available. When I finally graduated, he ended up helping me get a job at a well-known local news station. There, I was surrounded by people who all had a passion for the visual arts, and got paid doing what they loved.

I decided soon after that this is who I am. A passionate media-creator. My plan, as of now, is as soon as I graduate from the university (I am currently a Sophmore in college), is to work for an Ad Agency, making videos for clients. I hope you enjoy my work! I’m excited to hear all of your great critiques and feedback!


Above is a Visual Society competition entry. I used salt on a frying-pan for the stars.


Continuing the tradition, I also used salt on a frying-pan for stars, here.


This is a picture taken on the beach in Avalon, CA. I cross-processed the image later in Photoshop.


This is a shot from a recent video I made. Here.


This is a picture I took with a point-and-shoot in Peru, while serving a mission there. I selected only red colors using the camera raw filter.


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